Back from Burnout

Get Unstuck

And Find Your Next Evolution

6 Session Coaching Package

When life feels hard and we are in the thick of some struggle, it is easy to feel powerless and stuck.

We hit a roadblock in life, a challenge at work, a profound loss, trouble with a relationship, or frustration with our lack of progress toward our goals – and our human brain naturally tries to find the way out.

We ruminate on all the things we can’t control, and distract ourselves from our negative emotions. Often, this only adds to our stress and sense of helplessness. Meanwhile, the problem remains unsolved.
We become stuck: amplifying our suffering with our resistance to the way things are, exhausting ourselves with false starts and self-criticism, feeling more and more disempowered.

There is a different way.

There is a way to move through the hard things and find your power. Life, with its unexpected twists and turns, is calling on you to evolve and grow.

Growth requires creativity rather than reactivity. This is where coaching can make all the difference.

Coaching is an agile and potent tool that allows you to see your life with a different lens, rather than being lost in the weeds of it.

You can zoom out for perspective and context, and zoom in to the inner workings of your experience.

You find your locus of control, encounter emotions that need attention, see underlying belief systems that are keeping you stuck, and implement new ways of thinking, leading to

new actions and new results.

With Coaching You Will:

  • Take an honest and complete look at your current situation, where you want to be, and the gap In between
  • Understand the root cause of the issues that keep you stuck
  • Manage your thoughts
  • Feel and process your emotions instead of avoiding, dulling, or distracting against them
  • Honor yourself and your goals by making decisions ahead of time
  • Move toward your desired results with massive action

The net outcome:
you move forward toward the results you want,
you feel better,
and there is a compounding effect:

  • You’re learning to harness your brain to work for you not against you
  • You evolve into a more capable version of yourself
  • You’re wiser to the BS (both the world’s and your own)
  • You’re equipped with new tools and skills for whatever comes next

Let’s tackle this together, shall we?

Penelope Perri - Are you ready for coaching?