Outside the Overwhelm: There Will Be Flowers

Mar 10, 2023

Welcome back. Today I’ve set out some flowers for you.  In this space there will be flowers — lots of flowers. Because they’re beautiful, of course…but they are so much more than that.

I don’t think of flowers as a splurge or an indulgence – I think we need them, just like we need art and music.  We need reminders that life is beautiful, in the midst of all the chaos.

It’s not only their beauty that inspires us – it’s their transformation.  Just weeks or months ago, they were seeds.  Scattered randomly, inert.  Buried in the cold, dark earth.  Seemingly powerless…but stirring inside. Not yet knowing light, but able to imagine it enough to move toward it. Did their need to break open feel like pain or hope, or perhaps the pain of breaking itself compelled them to hope? What else could they do but grow?  And so they did.

They trusted their yearning, their will to grow, and became something magnificent, astonishing, unrecognizable to the selves they once were.  Their life cycle is half hardship, half glory — and all too short – but they give themselves to all of it, moving bravely through its seasons.

Here, outside the overwhelm: what stirs there inside you, if you quiet yourself enough to listen?  What would you like to become in the weeks, months and years ahead, if you allowed space for your own yearning? What light compels you to grow?  This is so worthy of your attention.  You are so worthy of your attention.

Flowers are gestures of care, tokens of love.  Let’s have lots of them here.



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