Inner Skills for Managing Stress: Small, but Mighty

Apr 5, 2023

Here they come!  Small, but mighty.

One of the joys of this work is the chance to collaborate with amazing people I admire.  I have long been a fan of Dr. Laura Jones and her colleagues at Whole Health Concord, and this month I’m proud to contribute to their Healthy News column.

You can view my article, Inner Skills for Managing Stress: Small, but Mighty, here:

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How Burnout Hijacks Your Identity

How Burnout Hijacks Your Identity

Burnout takes its toll in so many ways, and perhaps the most insidious is the way it can hijack your identity.

So often, when my clients articulate their experience of the stressors in their work, they jump from describing what’s happening in the environment directly to a judgment of themselves.


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